Contributor and Smiling Scientist

Forensic Scientist, Firearm and Toolmark Examiner

I have been a firearm and toolmark examiner with a major law enforcement agency in the state of Oregon for over 18 years.  I have been on the lab crime scene response team for most of those years.  In that time I have seen the worst and the best that humankind has to offer.  The worst being the monsters that prey on innocent victims.  The best being the dedicated professionals who sacrifice so much to bring those  monsters to justice.

My journey to mindfulness began a long time ago.  I just didn't realize it until recently.  Given up at birth, I had my first shot at a "normal" life when I was adopted by wonderful parents in Southern California.  That time was short lived when they passed away while I was still quite young.  In third grade I was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in the Midwest.  Life was good until high school started.  At four foot eight in height my freshman year, I was the poster boy for bullying.  Every confused hormonal kid at my school wanted a shot at me.  Back in those days you sucked it up and kept going.  That's all there was to do.  It was then that I started to develop mental toughness, or what I refer to as my warrior spirit.