Back to Basics for Increased Performance

It’s no secret that my favorite app for meditation is Headspace.  For myself, I’ve found it to be the most accessible website and resource for a clumsy meditator like me…I enjoy the super short animation series (they are cute, but definitely made for adults with issues) and I think the gentle progression through the different “packs” of meditation themes is a great way to customize your experience.  Yup, you have to pay for it if you want to unlock all of the features…but again, for me, the money was well-spent.

You’ve probably be at this whole meditation/mindfulness thing for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few years now.  I’m coming up on my year anniversary…almost one year ago I met Rich Goerling and took his Resilience Immersion workshop through The Mindful Badge Initiative.  So, I wanted to do a little mindful reminiscing with you, and update the website with the very first videos I explored when I started my journey.

Have you lost track of exactly how to start this process, or why your doing it in the first place? Check out Headspace’s “Getting Started” for a quick reminder…and then take a peek at some good reasons to meditate here on a website called Happify (which also kicks ass on your resiliency journey).

For this week, head on over to the “About Us” page and scroll down to Our Favorite Video of the Week; this is a a 20-minute video of Andy from Headspace in a quirky little wood-paneled room with a tiny screen talking about meditation and performance…this actually reminded me of the lodge we were in for our Resiliency Immersion training in Bend last year, and it made me smile to remember that weekend and how much I learned. Check it out and let us know what you think.

As always, you can contact me or any of the contributors at any time to pop off, give us suggestions, lead us toward interesting videos or Ted Talks, whatever you think would benefit the group.  We continue to love your suggestions!

Have a great week, and until soon…keep smiling!

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