Breathe Deep

Yup, you’re hearing it over and over right now.

These are uncertain times…things will change rapidly…do not congregate…stay safe and distance yourself…no groups, no lunch table discussions, no lingering together…

It’s hard for me to actually think that things are different; I’m going to work as always, no one I know is sick, Fred and I are poised to take a stay-cation at the end of this week (planned way, way before COVID 19 hit town).  But, as my buddies and I cancel plans with each other, we joke about licking each other’s keyboards as we are standing 8 feet away from each other, it makes me a little bit…uneasy.  Unsettled, really.  Life did change pretty quickly in the last 3 days…I can fill up my growler at Wayward Sandwiches, but I can’t sit down to eat my dinner.  My brother told me a harrowing story of some jackass in the grocery store yelling at him because the pinto beans were gone (whiskey tango foxtrot…seriously?)

First world problems, to be sure…but what if you’re starting to feel just a little bit uneasy?  Unsettled?  Worried?  There’s lots of information and advice out there right now.  Mine is to


You have the courage and grit to continue smiling through this situation.  You are resilient to the ever-changing headlines with death tolls and infection statistics.  You are humbled and grateful for the luxuries you have and the social connections you keep.  You stand strong with your co-workers and friends, knowing you’ll see this through and learn from the experience.

You are all of these things, because I know you!  You’re tough.  You’re empathetic.  You have a challenging job and career, and you excel at it.  You are smart and capable to keep yourself and your family safe.

You’re resilient.  I know you are!

I found a wonderful FREE opportunity for you to further your mindful practice with some of the best mindfulness instructors in the world.  Head over to the Mindful Living Summit website and sign up for their FREE online event happening March 19-22nd, 2020.  This may be just the thing you need to bridge the gap between your anxieties and your knowledge that mindfulness can help.

Bring your practice into action with top experts in the field, practical exercises, and flexible access to the amazing lectures you’ll see.  Sign up and silently state your intention to watch each morning/evening, and learn tools to better-understand living in the moment.

Because this moment is what you have NOW.

I applaud you for your courage and determination to make others smile through the next few days/weeks/months.  Make a commitment to yourself to give the small but significant gesture of a smile to someone you know, and then to someone you don’t know.  We are all in this together; we might as well smile through it!

Hugs from afar, Nici