Creating a More Mindful Work Routine

Hello, Smiling Scientists and mindfulness warriors!

I’ve been focusing on work-related mindfulness in the month of January…there are so many resources available that assist and guide us into a more mindful path, both professionally and personally, it’s hard to list them all.  Mindful Magazine has such amazing content and education for us, and I just re-read this article about Training your Mind to Work Smarter.  Check it out!

What is the quality of my mind at work?

As the article points out, maintaining a  mindful work routine can include concepts like:

  1. Keeping an open mind
  2. Learning to respond, not react
  3. Remembering that thoughts are not facts
  4. Building healthy habits at work

Paying attention to how you show up at work is the first step.  If your scattered and stressed when you’re walking in the door, your day may very well travel in the same trajectory.  Set yourself up for quiet success at work.  For just a moment, (maybe when you’re gathering your coffee and lunch from the car), make an authentic intention about how you want your day to go  at work.

Do you want your colleagues to listen to your concerns?

Do you want to complete a case that’s been on your desk?

Do you have a meeting to attend where you need to speak up?

Approaching these scenarios with your mindfulness skills can mean a much more effective (and peaceful) work day.

If we come at these work tasks with a little bit of curiosity (keeping an open mind), and we allow space for others to communicate with us without interrupting (respond, not react), maybe we can tone down the crazy chipmunk in our heads for a bit and realize that the stories we make up aren’t benefiting us, they are hurting us by constantly being a distraction (thoughts are not facts).  Starting down the road of contemplative work practices may allow you to even let go of the meth chipmunk…contribute to a conversation without talking over someone…feel pride in the effort you put in…and view your job as more of an opportunity, and not a task (building healthy work habits).

I encourage you to check out the article…it does a much better job at explaining each concept than I ever could.  Take care, and keep smiling!