How many times have you read or heard the phrase, “it sure can be hectic/stressful during the holiday season!”  Yup, no one actually needs to be reminded of this fact, so I’m here to remind you to be grateful for all of it…the stress, the time management challenges, even the feeling of loneliness you may encounter in your journey throughout the day.  We may be surrounded by people, but still feel lonely.  We may be the only one in the house, and feel filled to the brim with peace.  Either way, you are in good company.  Some things to think about and reflect on as you attempt great feats of culinary masterpieces; or drive mindfully to a relatives house; or sink quietly onto your couch to binge watch Stranger Things 2:

  1. A smile goes a long way.  I am always grateful when someone flashes a smile at me…make someone’s day tomorrow by flashing your own!
  2. You are never alone.  Mindfulness reminds me that as I sit for 30 seconds and take a few deep breaths, that I am not alone in this adventure.  There’s someone else out there, somewhere (maybe on a beach, maybe in a snow-covered cabin, maybe in a prison) that is meditating too, right that second.  How freaky is that?  I’m grateful for the freakiness of it.
  3. The power is all yours.  Gratitude allows you to mentally maximize the good stuff while minimizing the crappy stuff.  Think of three things you are grateful for, right now.  They don’t have to be mind blowing.  I’m grateful that a decomp case didn’t come into the ME’s Office today and ruin my essential oil diffuser aroma I was rocking in my office (orange and cloves, in case you were wondering).  See?
  4. Share the power of gratitude.  Christopher Willard gives you some tips on how to pass on the ability to empathize with your kids here.

Just wanted to reach out to you and wish you all well.  Our other contributors are gearing up to talk about some great stuff in the next few weeks and months, and I’ll add some new training opportunities to the site for you to peruse.  We are all busy, but be sure to take the time to just….breathe…deep.

Until soon, keep smiling!

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