Workforce Resiliency: Can you begin the journey to happiness at work?

…or at least, maintaining your sanity at work?  The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence always produces quality Forensic Science content for those of us who have limited time, and agencies who have limited training dollars.  I’ve been a fan of their anthropology and human ID webinars for a while, so sharing their training is a no-brainer in our community of curious scientists.

We’ve seen numerous national agencies begin to address the topic of stress in the forensic science arena; questions are coming up on how agencies either protect or allow their employees to recover (and even grow) from the trauma they experience on the job.  We could get frustrated that it took so long.  My goal is to applaud those national organizations who have started to ask questions about well-being and resiliency in their forensic personnel, and to be GRATEFUL that more and more agencies are approving training and education on resilience, human performance, mind/body connection regarding success, and workplace buoyancy.

Below you’ll find a popular podcast, “Just Science”, deal with the issue of workplace resiliency in forensic science.  it’s 40 minutes long, but if you’ve got the time, I highly encourage you to check it out.  You could even push the envelope and ask if you’re employer would allow you to listen on duty time…what a great way to start the conversation about resiliency and well-being with your leaders!

Check it out:

Building Workforce Resiliency

And remember…smiling doesn’t just affect your neurobiology, you’ll make someone else’s day, too!  Keep smiling, Nici