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Welcome to the Smiling Science Alliance!

This website is for mindful scientists, forensic science personnel, public safety warriors...anyone interested in increasing resiliency with mind/body tools based on neuroplasticity and biology.


Can we change our brain biology to be more aware, more focused, more efficient and happier all at the same time? Studies show that we can.


Mindfulness-based meditation techniques can lower your cortisol levels, decreasing your risk of disease, decline, degradation and discomfort.


How can we build resiliency when we are pulled a hundred different ways, every day? What if what we see, read, testify about and analyze is so horrific, we can't stop thinking about it? The WAY we think about it is the key...resiliency training helps.


Bringing more compassion into our work is essential in how we survive, and thrive, in a traumatic field such as forensic science. Compassion fatigue may lead to apathy and worse, cognitive bias. When you're mindful and aware, you make decisions based on integrity.


We each have our own definition of success. What does yours entail? Getting ahead in your career? Raising great kids? Changing the world? Mindfulness practice can help us all achieve our goals of fulfillment, no matter what they are.


The health of both the mind and the body are essential to resilience and your ability to thrive. Sleep, activity, connections, and your mindset all play crucial roles in the way we see the world and the ways we can affect it.

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We welcome all contributions…here’s the team that adds your suggestions and input to our page.

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Tara Brach-Upcoming Teachings

Multiple Courses Available In person and on-line
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The Evidence Within Lab

Starts February 3, 2020 MindGen LLC
  • Mindfulness based resilience workshop near Hillsboro, OR
  • Hosted by Mindful Badge Initiative

Susannah Conway Meditation Courses

Numerous offerings...check her website! On-line, remote
  • Sponsor: Mindful Badge Initiative
  • Co-facilitated by Richard Goerling and Brian Shiers
  • $925: includes lodging and food

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