A Science-Based Approach to Mindfulness

I’m hoping this finds you all well in these really turbulent times…so much has happened and continues to unfold daily, that I find it hard to keep track of what I should be hyper-vigilant about (I’m only half joking here).  Most of the time, I’m in one of three states of mind:

  1. Terrified (or at least terribly concerned) that I may get sick, or I may inadvertently get my mom sick, or some inconsiderate person will get someone else sick.
  2. Uneasy about the future.  Am I going to be okay? Are my friends and colleagues going to be okay?  Will my workplace look dramatically different if the decision is made to eliminate jobs at the State Police level?
  3. Cautiously optimistic about all manners of stressful events; this will create a more resilient me, and in turn I can try to serve others by providing resources they may not know about.

I’m all about resources and accessibility to help and assistance.  One of those resources I’m happy to tell you about today….It’s the the Healthy Minds Program App that allows you to start at the very beginning with mindfulness training, and leads you through  a number of inspiring and helpful practices and assessments to build on your progress.  It’s FREE, and it’s all about building a foundation of mindfulness that will grow with you through time.  In the words of the Healthy Minds folks:

The Healthy Minds Program, developed by the nonprofit Healthy Minds Innovations, translates decades of research by Dr. Richard J. Davidson and his team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds, into practical tools that you can use to train your mind. You’ll learn simple skills to enhance personal well-being, build healthy relationships, and improve communication, performance, and creativity. More than another mindfulness app, the Healthy Minds Program guides you through daily training on Awareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose.

You’ll hear from the world’s foremost neuroscientists about the science of well-being, and how our brains can be trained to be more focused, creative, and resilient.

We’ll guide you step-by-step as you learn to train your mind. Choose from sitting meditations and active practices that can easily fit into your busy life–all led by leading experts in mindfulness.

Thanks to pioneering scientific research, the Healthy Minds Program offers the first mobile assessments of mental and emotional well-being. Learn about your current level of well-being and contribute to cutting edge research on the science of well-being.

Want to begin your journey with a science-based approach to mindfulness?  You can find more information about the app and its mission to improve your awareness, connection, insight and purpose by checking out the Healthy Minds Innovations at https://tryhealthyminds.org/

Train your mind and rewire your brain to experience less stress, more focus and resilience, and better health–while enhancing your understanding of your own mind and how it works.  Let me know if you use it!

Hugs from afar; keep smiling!  Nici