January 8th, 2020: Cultivating Mindful Habits with Mindful Online Learning

Here’s a great online learning opportunity from the people at Mindful.com…even if you find your employer doesn’t officially (or with $$$) support training in how to cultivate healthy habits, you can still make your desires and intentions to become more mindful part of your personal checklist in 2020.  This looks like a great class to start with, and it’s online, so no travel costs :0)

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life 

…starts by recognizing habits that may not be beneficial to your well-being (these habits don’t “serve” you or your best interests) and assists you in forming new, more energizing ways to go about your daily existence.  Happiness and well-being can be networked and cultivated neurologically…that’s what habits are!  Check out the link above and consider taking a step beyond your normal practice…push the envelope and invest in your glorious, flawed, awesome, messy, crazy self.  You deserve it!  Link above has a 20% off coupon, to boot.  Check it out, and keep smiling, Smiling Scientists of the world! Love ya, Nici