Keys to Happiness

Ever wonder what the keys to happiness are? I read an article recently that distilled this all-important goal we all seem to have into three distinct action items:

  1. GIVE
  2. MOVE

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Really, these three things comprise a set of habits that will launch you on your way to being content and joyful in everything you do. Here’s another way of looking at it.

Create a central focus point. Ask yourself, “what is the one thing I am committed to completing today?”. This incorporates focus, purpose, time management and concentration.

Take time to expand your mindset. Stay curious, don’t limit yourself, surround yourself with people who demonstrate a growth mindset…keep your mind open to possibilities! “What if?” “Why not?”

Find purpose in the work you do-add value to others. This shifts your perspective from “what do I get?” to “what can I offer?”. Life isn’t an isolated effort; you are part of a bigger picture.

3 things I’ve learned while teaching happiness




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