Step back…and BREATHE!

I had a smiling scientist approach me recently to give me the business about our newly erected website.  “So, meditation seems viable, I get what you’re trying to do, but it seems like the basis of a lot of these exercises is breathing.  Is there a correct way to do it?  Is it really that important?  How does this help me, really?  Don’t get it.”

Great questions, and something that we haven’t really touched upon yet.  How does the actual BREATHING aspect of “take a few deep breaths” influence the efficacy (and ultimately) the success or failure of our mindfulness practice?

Well, I think science takes over here.  We are biological beings that need oxygen to survive.  But not only that, our ability to breathe successfully dictates the amount of oxygen our cellular material receives, allows or restricts biochemical processes and immediately kicks off certain nervous system responses.

Our cornerstones of education on this site are 1)Neurobiology, 2)Meditation, 3)Resiliency, 4)Compassion & Integrity, 5)Performance and 6)Health.  Tactical breathing sits within the arenas of Performance and Health, and allows us to, very quickly, change our biochemical processes with very little effort.  The very first thing we talk about when starting a mindfulness practice is…to…breathe.

Specialized breathing techniques are employed by a boatload of enterprises, from the military to top-performing corporations.  But can it help the everywoman (0r everyman) recover, revive, and rejuvenate? Of course.  Love your lungs, and watch the TED talk from Joe DiStefano about how breathing correctly can not only improve your health but allow you to improve your overall physiology.

In addition, check out our new “Favorite Video of the Week” under the “ABOUT US” tab.  It’s called Breathe to Heal, by Max Strom… the video on our site and stick with it until the end, because there’s a very powerful breathing technique called the 4-7-8 Technique demonstrated.  Let us know what you think; the implications of this technique on your well-being, performance and overall health are dramatic.  Do you see a difference after only a few minutes?  We’d love to get your feedback on this.  I like the idea of it…tell us if it works.

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